Two fabric cloths that are combined with each other. The first is hung up tulle, made of light, translucent materials, and the second - curtains, made already from the more dense and heavy versions of the fabric. During the daytime hours, the curtains are pulled back to the sides; they decorate the opening with two vertical lines on the sides. At night, they shift, protecting the room from prying eyes and the light of street lamps.

large selection of mounting options
comfort and elegance due to draping folds,
the ability to use different materials
fit different styles.

save dust
inappropriate look in the kitchen.


Smooth fabric canvases, usually two of them, rising with the help of a special mechanism. The window is decorated with horizontal stripes, with folds formed in the process of lifting, which are beautifully superimposed on each other. In expensive versions, the entire curtain in this way is assembled, while in budgetary options, only the bottom is assembled.

easy to operate and maintain
suitable for small spaces
comfortable in the nursery,
do not interfere with the arrangement of furniture close to the window.

in large rooms look inharmonious,
not combined with all interiors.


Embedded directly into each light opening. Fabric cloth, with weighting agent at the bottom, is wound on a shaft, which is located in the box. Along the perimeter of the window guides are attached. With the help of a convenient mechanism (chains) such curtains fall to the desired level, thereby adjusting the level of illumination. Can be made of materials that allow you to completely block the flow of light.

built into the opening
regulate blackout
can completely block the flow of light.

look ascetic.